Credit Decision Management

Loan origination plays a pivotal role in banks’ credit decision-making processes and represents the first step in acquiring creditworthy clients at a fair price. This phase is of critical importance for the overall credit portfolio performance and it requires maximum support in terms of procedures, models and systems. Once the client has been acquired, a sound credit monitoring procedure must be implemented in order to ensure an appropriate limit management process and related early warning system.

Therefore, it is vital that banks have the solid methodology and sophisticated instruments necessary for the entire credit management process.

Prometeia's unique business model offers a One-Stop Solution to risk management needs, combining extensive consulting services, advanced software applications, implementation support and methodological training, providing customers with the end-to-end capabilities they need.

Our internally developed methodologies are constantly updated in accordance with best practice and are fully integrated into the ERMAS (Enterprise Risk Management System) Suite, thus enabling banks to take a proactive approach towards risk management and increasing profitability.