Performance Management & Control

In recent years, performance management and control have become increasingly important and widespread. In a context of growing competitiveness, globalisation of markets and greater pressure on margins, performance evaluation from a holistic perspective plays a key role in better focusing on institutions’ strategies and “positioning for future growth”.

A comprehensive performance management system combining metrics, tools and approaches is thus vital in providing an efficient and effective response to the need for a clear vision of operational performance, financial results and the links between operational and economic values.

Prometeia's unique business model offers a One-Stop Solution, combining extensive consulting services, advanced software applications, implementation support and methodological training. This combination provides the end-to-end capabilities needed for a better understanding of the bank as a cohesive structure and grants the ability to evolve and to remain competitive over time.

Our internally developed methodologies are constantly updated in accordance with best practice and are entirely integrated into the ERMAS (Enterprise Risk Management System) Suite, enabling banks to take a proactive approach towards risk management and increasing profitability.