Balance Sheet Management

Achieving performance targets in the current competitive environment is like walking a tightrope: it requires precision, balance, and confidence in every step taken. A comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management framework enables banks to optimise their potential by managing balance sheet risks and identifying opportunities for increasing profitability.

Prometeia’s unique business model offers a One-Stop Solution in terms of risk management needs, combining extensive consulting services, advanced software applications, implementation support and methodological training. This combination provides our customer with the end-to-end capabilities needed to successfully navigate the tightrope.

Prometeia renders its approach distinctive by consistently pursuing state-of-the-art methodologies, drawing on a fully dedicated team of econometricians and financial specialists with vast experience in developed and emerging markets.

Our internally developed methodologies are constantly updated in accordance with best practice and are entirely integrated into the ERMAS® (Enterprise Risk Management System) Suite, enabling banks to take a proactive approach towards risk management and increasing profitability.