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  1. Quarterly Economic Outlook July 2017 - Highlights

    Italy: A window of opportunity for reforms

    05 July 2017
  2. Quarterly Economic Outlook March 2017 - Highlights

    Despite the risks, the economic recovery is continuing

    31 March 2017
  3. Prometeia contributes to EBA discussion on PD, LGD estimation and treatment of defaulted assets

    EBA has closed the consultation for its guidelines. Prometeia has been among the contributors

    16 March 2017
  4. Prometeia leaps forward with ERMAS Future Portfolio Evaluation

    Prometeia released a new version of its ERMAS Suite that incorporates a revolutionary tool for the calculation of future value of the bank’s portfolio

    22 February 2017
  5. Prometeia deals another blow to Big Data with Hadoop

    Prometeia announced that its ERMAS 5 suite can now be powered by the latest Hadoop technology to improve the performance of integrated balance sheet risk analysis

    16 February 2017
  6. Quarterly Economic Outlook - December 2016 - Highlights

    Growth in Italy, the best is already behind us

    20 December 2016
  7. Asset managers and the European insurance market: a 4.5 trillion euro challenge

    Prometeia has launched a new survey dedicated to asset managers active in the European insurance sector, to shed light on how the industry is changing to capture this convergence

    19 October 2016
  8. Quarterly Economic Outlook September 2016 - Highlights

    Update of Prometeia's forecasts: Italian growth revised downward, waiting for the Constitutional referendum. Europe, slowdown risks on the upside. World trade growth at the lowest levels since 2009

    23 September 2016
  9. Prometeia winner of XCelent awards for Advanced Technology and Customer Base

    Celent has awarded Prometeia the XCelent Technology and XCelent Customer Base awards in their 2016 European wealth management front office vendor evaluation

    22 July 2016
  10. Rapporto di Previsione (Quarterly Economic Outlook) July 2016

    The "known uncertainties" and their effects on the global economy

    06 July 2016