1. The markets: political risks and central banks

    A positive trend in the first months of 2017 for the riskiest asset classes. Nevertheless, uncertainties remain, even political

    28 March 2017
  2. Stocks are a good investment in the long term. But how long is... the long-term?

    Are investments in stocks always profitable? Yes, if you have a 20-year horizon...

    25 January 2017
  3. European Insurance Market: the asset managers perspective

    Prometeia's survey giving a an in depth insight on how the Asset Management industry is responding to the insurance market evolution

    26 September 2016
  4. Prometeia winner of XCelent awards for Advanced Technology and Customer Base

    Celent has awarded Prometeia the XCelent Technology and XCelent Customer Base awards in their 2016 European wealth management front office vendor evaluation

    22 July 2016
  5. Orange Envelope, where do we stand?

    The “Orange Envelope” initiative has been started at last: an appropriate awareness of the changing of the social security scenery for workers.  

    08 July 2016
  6. Prometeia chooses Expert System, a market leader in Italy, for enhancing its Wealth Management platform

    18 May 2016