Prometeia chooses Expert System, a market leader in Italy, for enhancing its Wealth Management platform


Modena, Bologna, 20 May 2016 - Prometeia chooses Expert System, a key leader in semantic analysis software for the strategic management of the big data, listed on the AIM market of the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana S.p.A.), for enhancing its Wealth Management platform and interpreting the needs and requirements of the customer base of Banks, Networks of Advisers and Insurance Companies. Thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms able to analyse all the information provided by the customer base, Prometeia's partner companies will be able to optimise the profiling process of the investors and the resulting advisory activity carried out for the latter. A significant step forward in the new era of models of interaction, cooperation and knowledge of the customer.

The constant attention to the methodological and technological innovation applied in wealth management (WealthTech®) is one of the keys to the success achieved by Prometeia in these past years on this market, in which it has become a key player.

“This partnership makes it possible to offer a solution able to accompany intermediaries in the transition from a ‘static’ profiling, mostly based on the use of standard paper-based questionnaires, unsuitable for covering all customer segments and frequently perceived as “bureaucratic”, to a digital and adaptive profiling, allowing for an extremely profitable and effective interaction” explains Sebastiano Mazzoni Perelli, Prometeia Director, also Head of Wealth Management & Personal Finance. “The system developed with Expert System poses customised questions, matching the investor-type and the typology of service required. In so doing, and with the support of an innovative and alluring customer experience, intermediaries can enable a dialogue between the savers and the wealth management platform, swiftly providing an accurate analysis of the needs, a diagnosis of the state of health of their wealth and highly customised consulting”

“The potential of semantic intelligence, as applied to the analysis of the needs freely expressed by the customers, may activate a plethora of new services of great added value”, declared Alessandro Monico, Italy Sales Director of Expert System. “By combining Cogito's natural cognitive and language processing capacities with the potential of Prometeia's calculation engines, the platform will enable a 'conversational profiling' of sorts, that is a truly distinctive innovation in the national and international market ”.