Risk Management

Prometeia Advisor SIM's approach to measuring and appraising performance and risks is based on two principles:

  1. High quality consulting support that helps customers in the interpretation of the performance and risk analysis findings and that integrates risk management in the investment process
  2. A solid, consistent and flexible process managed internally and integrated with other services offered to the customer. This enables Prometeia Advisor SIM to have fully control data and reports. Therefore, Prometeia Advisor SIM has developed the PAT (Portfolio Advisory Tool) proprietary platform to support the consulting service in regard to portfolio monitoring and risk control and estimate. This choice allows us to have full control over the methodologies endorsed and the due attention to be paid to innovation.

Key services and characteristics

  1. Data Analysis Services: Prometeia Advisor SIM facilitates portfolio reconciliation and the professional management of the databases in order to ensure their quality, that is the key element in risk management services.
  2. Performance Analysis: Prometeia Advisor SIM carries out the measuring, contribution and attribution of portfolio profitability and risk with the aid of proprietary models, providing customised reports for managerial and operating roles alike.
  3. Risk Analysis: Prometeia Advisor SIM carries out the breakdown of portfolios by risk factors, estimation of sensitivity and stress testing.
  4. Advanced Risk Management: Combining the capabilities of the Prometeia Group, Prometeia Advisor SIM provides the measuring of the ex-ante portfolio risks via advanced methodologies calculating market risk, credit and liquidity. Furthermore, Prometeia Advisor SIM provides support, both in the risk management process (definition, implementation and control) as well as in the interpretation of the findings and we make online access to the PAT platform available to customers, thus enabling them to browse the portfolios and consult the dedicated reports, via specific profiling.
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