Anteo is Prometeia's newsletter focusing on the Italian institutional market since 2003.

Anteo, drawn up on a bimonthly basis purports to circulate greater information, to give a voice to the markets players, to enable an increasingly direct dialogue between institutional investors and financial intermediaries.

There are different newsletter sections: aside from articles on the trends and forecasts of the economic and financial markets, asset allocation issues and new regulations, we host interviews with representatives of institutional investors, contributions made by management companies and in-depth investigations drawn from Prometeia's Forecast Report.

An interesting fact: apart from mythology, the giant Antaeus also has a place in the “Divine Comedy”. Dante describes it in Canto XXXI of the Inferno: Virgil turns to the giant begging him to place him and his disciple on the icy surface of lake Cocytus. Antaeus agrees to Virgil's request and at the precise moment in which he bends down to grasp the two pilgrims, its figure in Dante's mind resembles the Garisenda tower, namely one of the towers in Bologna.

This is one of the reasons behind our choice of name for our newsletter. The role played by Prometeia in these last few years, and that it intends to keep on playing can be envisaged as a bridge between two shores struggling to join of their own accord: institutional investors on the one side and the financial industry on the other.