Information courses

  1. Edinburgh 2017
    Economic policies and financial markets: the known unknown factors

    “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth” the Scottish writer Arthur Conan Doyle used to write (1859 – 1930). We have used a play on words and the fine line between the known and the unknown, in the title of this Path: “Economic policies and financial markets: the known unknown factors”. We discussed this with the investors and the representatives of the financial industry taking part in the two days of intensive work in Edinburgh

    13° Edition
  2. Vienna 2016
    The Markets: trapped between dream and psychoanalysis

    Among the array of suggestions presented by Vienna, the hosting city of the 12th course of inFormation, we grasped the psychoanalytic thread, that went on to conquer the world precisely from Austria. We achieved this by experimenting the fact that the “dream” of every investor in regard to the abiding soundness of the good old rules of the portfolio theory is by now a “traum” (German translation of dream that in Italian, however, is endowed with quite different hues), in observing the entire irrationality of the markets and their operators, which by no coincidence are increasingly a machine and no longer a mind...

    12th edition
  3. Barcelona 2015
    Risk-return space: a “modernist” review

    After taking a detour last year on the Champs-Élisées, we return to our usual logistics for the 9th  InFormation Course, down the Ramblas in Barcelona. In the modernist architecture that characterises this splendid city, we have tried to find inspiration to interpret the increasingly convoluted relationship between yield and risk in the management of institutional  portfolios.

    11th edition
  4. Paris 2014
    Ten years together: towards new horizons

    We have celebrated ten years of the InFormation Courses with… an intense three-day conference, one day more than usual! A little celebration for the “ten years spent together”, ready to try to understand the future, “towards new horizons”.

    10th edition
  5. Hamburg 2013
    There is a way out

    This year, our 9th InFormation Course took place in Hamburg, the largest port in Germany and the second in Europe.

    9th edition
  6. Budapest 2012
    Investing in a world without risk-free assets

    As in June 2008, when we met in Santander, we met last year in Amsterdam for our usual InFormation Course, already concerned but still unaware of how bad the incoming summer would be.

    8th edition
  7. Amsterdam 2011
    Financial innovation between fundamentals and new rules

    Last year, on the sea of Antalya, we tried to answer the question whether, in regard to investment policies, we should go back to the past. A year later, we can say that a need for simplicity, transparency and completion of investments has prevailed, but more in the vehicle that in the underlying risk categories: emblematic, in this sense, the evolution of replication products from simple ETF to algorithmic and structured products, and the rapid development of UCITS with underlying hedge strategies.

    7° edition
  8. Antalya 2010
    Investing today: back to the past?

    We have arrived to the sixth issue of our inFormation Courses. Popular wisdom claims that the crisis arrives in the seventh year, but given what has happened from summer 2007 onwards, we really hope we have already paid our dues…

    6th edition
  9. Berlin 2009
    Beyond the wall

    We celebrated our fifth anniversary not without difficulties, as it can be easily imagined. Last year, we arrived in Santander with almost a year of extremely hard market conditions behind us, with the crisis on the property market spreading to credit instruments and impacting the liquidity of the interbank market and the “absolute return” investment vehicles.

    5th edition
  10. Santander 2008
    Alternative investments: core or satellite?

    When we started, back in 2005, the objective of gathering Foundations and Social Security Investors to encourage knowledge, dialogue and joint analysis seemed very desirable, but not easy to achieve, and there was no guarantee of success.

    4th edition
  11. Prague 2007
    Through absolute yield

    After the gratifying success of Lisbon in 2005 and Athens in 2006, demonstrated by the increasing number of participants and by the resonance of our conference in the market, we have arrived to our 3rd InFormation Course.

    3rd edition
  12. Athens 2006
    New and old harmonies

    After last year's success in Lisbon, the 2nd InFormation Course organised by Prometeia Advisor for its Institutional Investment Community took place in Athens.

    2nd edition
  13. Lisbon 2005
    Prospettive parallele

    Prometeia organised in Lisbon a meeting of discussion and information on the most current issues related to investment activities, dedicated to its institutional clients. A few financial operators took part in the meeting and had the opportunity to discuss their actual experiences and “hear” the issues of more than twenty institutional investors operating in Italy.

    1st edition