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  1. Europe: risks and opportunities

    On March 31st Prometeia will present its Quarterly Economic Outlook and discuss with European Central Bank, European Commission and Atlantic Council

    31 March 2017
  2. Quarterly Economic Outlook - December 2016 - Highlights

    Growth in Italy, the best is already behind us

    20 December 2016
  3. Nigerian banks in transition: what role for Risk Management?

    In its Lagos event, Prometeia dealt with RM most critical issues for the country's intemediaries

    25 November 2016
  4. Prometeia’s iDream: a new tool to estimate monetary policy effects

    Prometeia joins CFE International Conference at the University of Seville, Spain

    09 December 2016
  5. Prometeia participates in key Eurozone meeting on banking

    Prometeia the sole consultancy firm to join a high level European Banking Authority workshop

    28 November 2016
  6. Prometeia assists Nigerian banks in facing next Risk Management challenges

    Prometeia's conference in Lagos to discuss the main Risk Management challenges Nigerian banks are addressing in their transition phase towards new regulatory standards

    25 November 2016
  7. Prometeia’s analysis on Italian banks’ balance sheets: encouraging figures, but problems persist

    The highlights of the Prometeia Banking Day in Milan

    30 September 2016
  8. Quarterly Economic Outlook September 2016 - Highlights

    Update of Prometeia's forecasts: Italian growth revised downward, waiting for the Constitutional referendum. Europe, slowdown risks on the upside. World trade growth at the lowest levels since 2009

    23 September 2016
  9. Prometeia at AFG meeting on the Italian asset management market

    Prometeia took part in Paris to the meeting focused on the perspectives of the Italian asset management market, promoted by Association Française de la Gestion financière (AFG)

    21 September 2016
  10. IFRS 9 – The Shift to an era of Forward Looking Calculations

    Webinar Panel Discussion with Barclays Investment Bank, Austrian Financial Market Authority, UniCredit Bank AG and FirstRand Group

    20 July 2016
  11. The future of Bank Treasury: the long-term outlook

    BTRM in association with FinRisk, The Financial Risk London Chapter and Prometeia

    12 July 2016
  12. Credit risk modelling for IFRS 9 - Marcus Evans event

    Among others, Prometeia gave practical examples of the changes to models in advance of the 2018 deadline

    16 June 2016
  13. Credit Risk Excellence in the Basel II Framework

    The Perspective of Regulators and Practitioners

    25 May 2016
  14. Prometeia40 with Ecb President Mario Draghi

    14 December 2015
  15. Prometeia 40 years, one-day seminar with Ignazio Visco

    Italy, Europe and global economy in the coming decades

    26 November 2015
  16. Algorithmic differentiation: fast sensitivities in derivatives pricing

    Roberto Daluiso, Interest Rate and Credit Models - Banca IMI

    22 October 2015
  17. Save the date: Rapporto di Previsione (Economic Outlook) – October 2015

    Royal Hotel Carlton
    Via Montebello, 8

    16 October 2015
  18. Save the date: Analisi e Previsione dei Bilanci Bancari – October 2015

    Royal Hotel Carlton
    Via Montebello, 8

    16 October 2015
  19. Save the date: Rapporto di Previsione (Economic Outlook) – July 2015

    Royal Hotel Carlton
    Via Montebello, 8

    15 July 2015