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  1. The frontier of Integrated Balance Sheet Management Webinar

    Webinar Panel Discussion with Prometeia, Credit Suisse, RBS and Nord LB.
    In partnership with Marcus Evans

    16 May 2017
  2. The 7th Annual Risk Management Forum for the Arab Banks

    Prometeia is joining the discussion on current priorities of Risk Management for Arab banks

    18 May 2017
  3. MREL review proposal: where do we stand?

    The Single Resolution Board is working on the MREL calibrations to be applied to significant institutions. In the meantime the rules are under review by the EU Commission

    13 April 2017
  4. Prometeia delivers ERMAS ADB, a revolutionary data environment to address BCBS 239 requirements

    Prometeia announced a new proprietary data environment explicitly designed to support the most advanced analytical needs

    13 April 2017
  5. Europe: risks and opportunities

    On March 31st Prometeia presented its Quarterly Economic Outlook and discussed with European Central Bank, European Commission and Atlantic Council on the future of European Banking and Fiscal Union. See the video highlights

    31 March 2017
  6. Prometeia contributes to EBA discussion on PD, LGD estimation and treatment of defaulted assets

    EBA has closed the consultation for its guidelines. Prometeia has been among the contributors

    16 March 2017
  7. Prometeia leaps forward with ERMAS Future Portfolio Evaluation

    Prometeia released a new version of its ERMAS Suite that incorporates a revolutionary tool for the calculation of future value of the bank’s portfolio

    22 February 2017
  8. The sensitivity of Interest Rate Products with Embedded Optionality in a Negative Rate World - White paper

    Negative interest rates shook a universe that needed not be shaken, forcing us to rethink some of our models and the meaning of options quoted at negative strikes

    20 February 2017
  9. Prometeia deals another blow to Big Data with Hadoop

    Prometeia announced that its ERMAS 5 suite can now be powered by the latest Hadoop technology to improve the performance of integrated balance sheet risk analysis

    16 February 2017
  10. Restructuring measures: a strain on the accounts of Italian banks

    In 2016 the Italian banking industry closes its balance sheets in the red, due to the effects of corporate restructuring operations. Will this be enough for the sector to get back on track?

    14 February 2017
  11. The MREL requirement: a new restriction on the liabilities of banks

    The impacts are as yet difficult to assess, but it is a fact that European banks will have to manage a further restriction in their liabilities structure

    06 February 2017
  12. Prometeia wins the Liquidity Risk Management category of 2016 Risk Technology Rankings

    The acknowledgement at first participation to the contest

    11 January 2017
  13. Prometeia still a leader in RiskTech100 Customer Satisfaction rankings

    Prometeia has again raised its ranking position in the 2017 edition of Chartis RiskTech100®

    05 December 2016
  14. Nigerian banks in transition: what role for Risk Management?

    In its Lagos event, Prometeia dealt with RM most critical issues for the country's intemediaries

    25 November 2016
  15. Prometeia’s iDream: a new tool to estimate monetary policy effects

    Prometeia joins CFE International Conference at the University of Seville, Spain

    09 December 2016
  16. Prometeia participates in key Eurozone meeting on banking

    Prometeia the sole consultancy firm to join a high level European Banking Authority workshop

    28 November 2016
  17. Building Free Risk Curves from FX contracts - White paper

    In this research, we aim to identify a viable proxy for the risk free curve exploiting the FX market

    24 October 2016
  18. Prometeia assists Nigerian banks in facing next Risk Management challenges

    Prometeia's conference in Lagos to discuss the main Risk Management challenges Nigerian banks are addressing in their transition phase towards new regulatory standards

    25 November 2016
  19. Prometeia launches the first Master’s degree in Italy on Financial Risk Management

    Prometeia and MIP - Politecnico di Milano together launch the first course dedicated to build a career as a financial risk manager 

    10 October 2016
  20. Prometeia’s analysis on Italian banks’ balance sheets: encouraging figures, but problems persist

    The highlights of the Prometeia Banking Day in Milan

    30 September 2016
  21. Prometeia in the AllAboutRisk 2016 Risk Software Report

    31 August 2016
  22. Prometeia gives Credit Managers an edge with new Early Warning tools

    Prometeia, the global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, announces the release of a new module of its Electronic Credit Application (ECA) Suite: the Early Warning Module.

    27 July 2016
  23. IFRS 9 – The Shift to an era of Forward Looking Calculations

    Webinar Panel Discussion with Barclays Investment Bank, Austrian Financial Market Authority, UniCredit Bank AG and FirstRand Group

    20 July 2016
  24. The future of Bank Treasury: the long-term outlook

    BTRM in association with FinRisk, The Financial Risk London Chapter and Prometeia

    12 July 2016
  25. Credit risk modelling for IFRS 9 - Marcus Evans event

    Among others, Prometeia gave practical examples of the changes to models in advance of the 2018 deadline

    16 June 2016
  26. Prometeia looks ahead to future IFRS 9 Measurement and Reporting challenges

    Prometeia, the global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, announced the release of a new module for the ERMAS 5 Suite: the IFRS9 Compliance Module

    13 June 2016
  27. Optimal Balance Sheet Management for Banks - Leading practices from Prometeia

    The research paper by Chartis in partnership with Prometeia 

    08 June 2016
  28. Prometeia in the Bobsguide 2016 Risk Management Systems Guide

    31 May 2016
  29. Credit Risk Excellence in the Basel II Framework

    The Perspective of Regulators and Practitioners

    25 May 2016
  30. The next Prometeia challenge: IFRS 9 impairment regulation

    Prometeia, global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions,  is developing a new component of ERMAS Suite, the IFRS9 Compliance Module, to automatically deal with all aspects of the new impairment model, including data granularity, forecast of future losses, new models and simulation requirements.

    18 May 2016
  31. Prometeia Simulation Enhancements help banks vault to EBA Stress Test Completion

    Prometeia, the global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, has released a new version of its ERMAS platform to facilitate and digitalize the implementation of 2016 EU-wide stress test for Net Interest Income (NII).

    17 May 2016
  32. Prometeia Category Leader in RiskTech Quadrant® for Credit Risk Management

    Chartis, the leading provider of research and analysis in the global market for risk technology, has positioned Prometeia as a Category Leader in the 2016 RiskTech Quadrant® for Credit Risk Management Systems for the Banking Book.

    11 May 2016
  33. Prometeia takes the lead in supporting banks with ILAAP challenges 

    Prometeia, global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, provides comprehensive support to banks of any size and complexity in dealing with the issues related to Internal Liquidity Adequacy Assessment Process (ILAAP), one of the cornerstones of the new Supervisory Review and Evaluation Process (SREP).

    03 May 2016
  34. Credit Risk Excellence in the Basel II Framework for Turkish Banks

    The perspective of regulators and practitioners – Istanbul, May 25th

    29 April 2016
  35. Prometeia looks ahead to future regulatory reporting challenges 

    Prometeia, the global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, announced today the release of credit risk functionalities related to regulatory reporting and stress testing in ERMAS 5, its flagship ERM solution.

    31 March 2016
  36. Prometeia leads banks to rise to the EBA/SREP stress test challenge

    Prometeia, the global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, announced today the enhancement of its ERM solution, ERMAS, to include the features necessary for the implementation of the new credit risk stress testing methodology as required by EBA and SREP for 2016 (as referenced in the draft methodological note of November 2015 and further update of February 2016).

    18 March 2016
  37. Prometeia deals Big Data a blow with PDW

    Prometeia, the global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, announced today that ERMAS 5 now leverages the power of the Microsoft SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) in its Dynamic Balance Sheet and P&L Simulation and Funding Plan analyses.

    07 March 2016
  38. Prometeia launches Regulatory Liquidity ALMM

    Prometeia, global leader in Risk Management consulting and software solutions, announced today the release of its ERMAS Regulatory Liquidity Module with Additional Liquidity Monitoring Metrics (ALMM).

    01 March 2016
  39. Prometeia awarded by Chartis RiskTech100® as Category Leader for “Liquidity Risk and ALM” solutions

    Prometeia has been named best ALM & Liquidity Risk provider at worldwide level in the 2016 RiskTech100® rankings by Chartis, leading supplier of research and analysis on the global market for Risk.

    15 January 2016