Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Prometeia's unique business model offers a truly one stop solution to risk management needs, combining extensive consulting services, advanced software applications, implementation support and methodological training, providing customers with the end-to-end capabilities they need.

Our internally developed methodologies are constantly updated with the best practices in developed and emerging markets and entirely integrated into the ERMAS® (Enterprise Risk Management System) Suite, enabling banks to take a proactive approach towards risk management and increasing profitability.

We ranked first in the world for Liquidity Risk solutions in the latest Risk Technology Rankings. We are Category Leader in the Chartis' RiskTech Quadrant® 2016 for Credit Risk Management systems for the Banking Book. We rank among the global leaders for Customer Satisfaction in the RiskTech100® 2017.

We partnered with Chartis for the research on Optimal Balance Sheet Management for banks, highlighting our leading solutions in the field.

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