Company Profile


Prometeia develops tailor-made solutions to help clients identify the best way to outclass their competitors.

  1. Risk Management We are a market leader for Risk Management solutions. We provide consultancy services and customised software solutions for measuring and controlling the risks faced by financial intermediaries and for creating added value. Prometeia’s approach to Enterprise Risk Management is based on the development of quantitative models and analysis methodologies; on the production of highly specialised software applications; and on the implementation of policies, management processes and organisational structures that successfully respond to the growing demands of regulation.
  2. Wealth Management We are a market leader for Wealth Management solutions. We provide consultancy, software components, and financial analysis and processing throughout all phases of the investment service. We assist banks, insurances companies and asset managers in identifying, designing and maintaining value-adding service models that are in line with the demands of the competitive and regulatory environment.
  3. Business Consulting We assist financial intermediaries in the definition of growth strategies and in the identification of innovative solutions for the continuous improvement of their company performance. Our experts’ unique skills in business know-how, analysis and modelling are geared towards helping our clients obtain a competitive edge over other companies.
  4. Asset Management We provide specialist solutions to support the work of asset managers. These range from business plans to commercial strategies, and from the design of innovative products to risk management. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the real-estate market, we also provide services in this field for the design of strategies to enhance the value of assets or portfolios and for fund analysis and planning.
  5. Financial Advisory We are Italy’s leading financial consultancy company for the institutional market, where we have been active since 1998. Every day, more than 80 investors work alongside our highly specialised professionals, appreciating both their skills and their ability to provide personalised and innovative solutions..
  6. Analysis and Research We have been intensely engaged in economic and financial analysis and research for over 40 years, improving and consolidating our activities over time in support of Prometeia’s consultancy services to the world of finance and business. We provide a skilled and independent perspective, supported by relationships with national and international academia and by innovative analysis methodologies and tools.
  7. Knowledge Training We make our entire wealth of knowledge and experience available to clients by providing advisory training services for developing strategic skills, supporting innovation and fostering enterprise culture.