1. 07 June 2017 Evolution of the coverage ratio and management of NPLs 

    To start managing the issue of non-performing loans, Italian banks increased their coverage ratio markedly over the past few years

  2. 26 May 2017 The Italian manufacturing has had makeover, but further efforts are required

    The Italian manufacturing sector seems to have shrunk, though it has got what it takes to face future challenges

  3. 17 May 2017 United States: a market that is worth an entire continent for Italian enterprises

    The U.S. are the main current and prospective market for high quality Made in Italy products. Enhanced monitoring of a number of key federated states generates new opportunities for enterprises

  4. 12 May 2017 The Wealth of Italian Households and the transition to management services

    Intermediaries that offer management services, financial intermediation and insurance coverage to households are facing considerable potential for growth

  5. 28 April 2017 US duties: the dark side for the US economy

    President Trump wants duties on imported goods. However, this would not only translate into advantages: direct and indirect negative effects would affect wide portions of the American industry, including the automotive sector

  6. 20 April 2017 MREL review proposal: where do we stand?

    The Single Resolution Board is working on the MREL calibrations to be applied to significant institutions. In the meantime the rules are under review by the EU Commission

  7. 28 March 2017 The markets: political risks and central banks

    A positive trend in the first months of 2017 for the riskiest asset classes. Nevertheless, uncertainties remain, even political

  8. 27 March 2017 The road to "green" vehicles in Italy

    The sales of alternative fuel vehicles have been erratic. However, since 2012, hybrid vehicles have have been growing each year in double figures

  9. 16 March 2017 The relentless advance of the Internet

    The growing competitive forces will make it crucial for retailers to boost digitalisation in order to protect performance in terms of growth and profitability

  10. 03 March 2017 Is Southern Italy still bringing up the rear?

    In 2015 the South of the country closed the year with a GDP growth exceeding 1%. However, the structural fragility prevents sustained growth

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