1. 16 March 2017 The relentless advance of the Internet 

    The growing competitive forces will make it crucial for retailers to boost digitalisation in order to protect performance in terms of growth and profitability

  2. 03 March 2017 Is Southern Italy still bringing up the rear?

    In 2015 the South of the country closed the year with a GDP growth exceeding 1%. However, the structural fragility prevents sustained growth

  3. 01 March 2017 Costs, volatility, uncertainty: obstacles on the growth path of the Italian manufacturing industry in 2017

    In the current year the competitive context does not seem easy for Italian manufacturing firms, called upon to push even more for efficiency and competitiveness

  4. 21 February 2017 Economic diplomacy for Italy: a 16 billion EUR gain

    Public support for internationalisation plays a key role in industrial development: a study conducted as a joint effort with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

  5. 14 February 2017 Restructuring measures: a strain on the accounts of Italian banks

    In 2016 the Italian banking industry closes its balance sheets in the red, due to the effects of corporate restructuring operations. Will this be enough for the sector to get back on track?

  6. 09 February 2017 Commodity prices on the rise again: assessing the impact for the Italian manufacturing industry in 2017

    Partly due to the appreciation of the dollar, the euro-based Prometeia Commodity Index is expected to post a double digit growth in 2017

  7. 06 February 2017 The MREL requirement: a new restriction on the liabilities of banks

    The impacts are as yet difficult to assess, but it is a fact that European banks will have to manage a further restriction in their liabilities structure

  8. 27 January 2017 Stocks are a good investment in the long term. But how long is... the long-term?

    Are investments in stocks always profitable? Yes, if you have a 20-year horizon...

  9. 26 January 2017 Trump, the convoluted transition from words to facts 

    Protectionism has become the most important weapon Trump can rely onto promote US growth. Will it be sufficient to fully reintegrate into the working life all those discouraged American citizens targeted by the new president?

  10. 11 January 2017 Science, technology and art: “fusion” effect as a lever for productivity

    Despite its historical and artistic heritage, Italy does not stand out in demand for cultural activities. A balanced formation across the arts, technology and science may increase the competitiveness of enterprises

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